Thief Models

This page contains download links to models I have created for use in Thief missions. These are mostly New Dark only models, as they use hi-res textures. They are ready to be dropped in and used within Dromed.

 Alchemical BannersalcbannersDownload – these are a series of banners with alchemy symbols, with matching slashed versions.  Autumn Leaf DecalsautleafdecalsDownload – alpha-textured flat decals of autumn leaves.  BANK LettersbanklettersDownload – gold 3D letters B, A, N and K.
 Barbed Wire FencebarbwirefenceDownload – barbed wire/electric fence with a separate end pole object included.  Bar HatchbarhatchDownload – a hatch door for a bar.  Barred Doorbarreddoor Download – a rusty door with prison bars in it.
 Basement WindowbasementwinDownload – a small window that is wider than it is tall.  Bird’s NestbirdnestDownload – a bird’s nest.  Board BarrierboardbarrierDownload – an 8×8 barrier made of rough boards.
 Carnival Floatsfloats.jpgDownload – a couple of paper/papier mache carnival floats in the shape of a fox and a badger.  Catwalkcatwalk.jpgDownload – a metal catwalk. Cigarettecigarette.jpgDownload – a lit cigarette and a used butt.
 Confetti Decalsconfetti.jpgDownload – flat decals of strewn confetti.  Church Bellcopperbell.jpgDownload – a large copper church bell with clapper as a separate object.  Copper Tankcoppertank.jpgDownload – a large copper tank.
 Demonic BookdemonbookDownload – an evil book.  Dock Postdockpost.jpgDownload – a wooden dockside post with rope tied round it.  Dome CeilingdomeceilingDownload – an interior dome for an ornate ceiling.
 DrainpipedrainpipesDownload – stackable sections and an end piece for a drainpipe.  Eyeballeyeball.jpgDownload – a disembodied eyeball.  Flagpoleflagpole.jpgDownload – a pole for hanging flags on.
 Gavel and Blockgavel.jpgDownload – a judge’s gavel and block.  Gore Pilegore.jpgDownload – a nasty pile of gory bits and miscellaneous organs.  Hammer Columnhammercol.jpgDownload – a marble column in the shape of a stylized hammer.
 Handhand.jpgDownload – a disembodied hand (cropped from a base-game servant).  Hanging Baskethangingbasket.jpgDownload – a hanging basket for planting flowers in.  Hidden Bladehiddenblade.jpgDownload – a hidden wrist-blade to go up someone’s sleeve.
 Hookah Pipehookah.jpgDownload – a hookah pipe.  I-Beamsibeams.jpgDownload – metal I-beams of various lengths.  Bundle of Lettersletters.jpgDownload – a pile of letters tied with string.
 Marble Railingmarblerail.jpgDownload – a section of marble railing.  Masquerade MasksMasqs.jpgDownload – fox and raven masquerade masks.  New Compasscompass.jpgDownload – a new, metal UI compass.
 Metal Railingrailing.jpgDownload – a metal railing for a sewer or industrial area.  Pub Signpubsign.jpgDownload – a customisable hanging sign for a pub/inn.  Scraps of Paperscraps.jpgDownload – scraps of paper with matching book art included.
 Stone Ringstonering.jpgDownload – a circle of grey stones.  Street Signstreetsign.jpgDownload – a street sign with replaceable street name texture.  Round Tunnel Fencetunnelfence.jpgDownload – a round fence for blocking off a tunnel.
 Valve Wheelsvalvewheels.jpgDownload – valve wheels in red and grey.  Vent Coverventcover.jpgDownload – a vent hatch with slats that you can see through.  Vials of Stuffvials.jpgDownload – small and large glass vials with mysterious stuff inside.
 Vomitvomit.jpgDownload – a flat decal of some chunder.  White Pipespipes.jpgDownload – various white-painted pipe sections, along with a stone support for holding them up.  Windowwindow.jpgDownload – a 4×8 window with varying transparency.
 Wooden Lecternlectern.jpgDownload – a wooden lectern with a couple of shelves.    
Huge ChandelierHugeChandelierDownload – this is a large chandelier object for lighting up a large hall.  Small ChandelierSmallChandelierDownload – this is a smaller version of the huge chandelier, in the same style. Hanging LanternHangingLanternDownload – this is a high-poly lantern, designed to be suspended from a bracket or the ceiling.
 Huge Double DoorsHugeDoorsDownload – this is a pair of castle-sized double doors with ornate hinges.  Reinforced DoorReinforcedDoorDownload – this is a reinforced wooden door, to fit a 4×8 doorway.  Rusty Metal DoorRustyDoorDownload – this is a rusty metal door, to fit a 4×8 doorway.
 Stone DoorStoneDoorDownload – this is a carved stone door, designed to be used with a button or lever, to fit a 4×8 doorway.  Wooden DoorwoodendoorDownload – this is a wooden door with a gold handle and has two size variations – 4×8 and 3.5×7.  Lion PlaqueLionPlaqueDownload – this is a lion’s head plaque or wall-mounted fountain.
 Marble ColumnMarbleColumnDownload – this is a simple marble column.  Ornate Metal BracketMetalBracketDownload – this is a metal bracket for suspending lanterns or hanging baskets.  Metal RungsMetalRungsDownload – this is a metal ladder made of wall-mounted rungs like you might find on a ship.
 RailsRailsDownload – this is a set of train tracks. It fits an 8×8 space.  Rickety LadderRicketyLadderDownload – this is a poorly-made rickety wooden ladder, 30 units high.  Small LadderSmallLadderDownload – this is a small wooden ladder, 10 units high.
 DomeStoneDomeDownload – this is a stone dome, intended to fit atop a 16-sided cylinder.  Stone UrnStoneUrnDownload – this is a decorative stone urn.  Wolf Head GargoylewolfheadDownload – this is a wolf’s head gargoyle for the corner of a building.
 Support PostSupportPostDownload – this is a reinforced support post for a mine or underground tunnel.  Death StatueDeathStatueDownload – this is a hooded, winged, creepy statue.  BenchwoodenbenchDownload – this is a varnished wooden bench.
 Marble VaseMarbleVaseDownload – this is a tall marble vase for indoor plants.  New CratesNewCratesDownload – these are some new hi-res crate models.  SarcophagusSarcophagusDownload – these are open and closed sarcophagus variations.
 Small TableSmallTableDownload – this is a small wooden side table.  Stripped BedStrippedBedDownload – this is a bed with no sheets, just a bare mattress.  Wicker Plant PotWickerPlantPotDownload – this is a small wicker plant basket.
 Large Round TableBigRoundTableDownload – this is a huge round wooden table.  BookcasesBookcasesDownload – these are some new bookcases, in full and empty varieties.  Candle HolderCandleHolderDownload – this is a golden wall-mounted candlestick holder, intended for use with my candle models.
 CandlesCandlesDownload – this is a set of dribbly candles, with vhots. Can be used with my gold candle holder. CoffinCoffinDownload – these are some simple wooden coffins.  Crystal LightsCrystalLightsDownload – these are glowing crystals for some different lighting options.
 Flower PotFlowerPotDownload – this is a simple ceramic plant pot.  CurtainsCurtainsDownload – these are some new open curtain models.  Dragon SkullsDragonSkullsDownload – these are a couple of very large dragon skulls.
 Flint & SteelFlintAndSteelDownload – this is a flint and steel for making fire.  Chunky KeyChunkyKeyDownload – this is a large rusty metal key.  Crystal ChandelierCrystalChandelierDownload – this is a tall glass chandelier for elegant lighting.
 CauldronCauldronDownload – this is a small cooking pot.  Blood SplattersBloodSplatterDownload – these are hi-res tga blood splatter decals.  Blade PitbladepitDownload – this is a set of blades for a pit trap, in both bloody and clean variations.
 HedgesHedgesDownload – these are a set of hi-res hedge models in different lengths. Flowers FlowersDownload – these are different coloured individual flowers. Use with a plant pot, or just on grass. Fir Trees firtreesDownload – these are a couple of small fir trees.
Cacti cactiDownload – these are a set of small cacti for plant pots. Tropical Plant TropicalPlantDownload – this is a large-leafed tropical plant. Small Bushes SmallBushesDownload – these are a couple of small bushes.
Low Hedges LowHedgesDownload – these are some shin-high hedges for bordering flowerbeds and the like. Small Round BushRoundBushDownload – this is a small round topiary bush. PiranhaPiranhaDownload – catch of the day!
 Stone LanternexampleDownload – this is a tall stone lantern. Contains a vhot for particle attachments and setup instructions.  Drain CoverDrainCoverscreenshot_zpsd8d671e6Download – this is a mouldy metal drain cover. It uses a tga texture so you can see through the gaps.  New Mechanist Statue 

Download – this is a larger, higher poly version of Thief 2’s Mechanist angel statue in bronze and gold.

 Mechanist Angel Lampangellamp 

Download – this is an oil/gas light made from the leaning winged Mechanist angel statue. Comes with a vhot and instructions for setup.

 Mechanist Gear Statue 

MechGearStatDownload – this is a piece of Mechanist “art” – a gear statue with surrounding metal discs.

 Mechanist Lectern
Mechanist LecternDownload – this is a metal Mechanist lectern with metal gear logos. It has a couple of shelves at the back.
 Stone Railings
Stone RailingsDownload – this is a set of outdoor stone railings complete with low LOD versions.
Animated PennantpennantAnim 

Download – this is a triangular pennant/small flag that animates.


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