Catacombs of Knoss now available

I decided to challenge myself to literally use only what the game came with (the only exceptions are the player’s map of the level which obviously needs some custom artwork, the readable text files that tell the story, and a fixed/better-looking starfield for the sky).

Behind Closed Doors – New Thief Mission Out Now!

My new Thief mission, Behind Closed Doors, is now released. It’s a large city mission filled with rooftops to climb, buildings to break into and mysteries to unravel, all bathed in an ominous sunset glow. As Garrett, the master thief, you’ll sneak your way through a sprawling, wealthy district of the City, stealing anything not…

Thief Level Work in Progress

Here are a few more work-in-progress shots from my new Thief mission. It’s still a long way from completion, but progress has been good. It will be a dark tale of murderous secrets hidden behind the wealthy facades of the affluent Highmarket district of the City. It’s almost certainly the most ambitious level I’ve made…

New Thief Level

I’ve been working on a new Thief level on and off for a while now. It’s still a ways off, but it’s already making for some nice screenshots. It’s a large city mission with lots of climbing on rooftops and breaking into upstairs windows. Hope you enjoy these screenshots. Click for big versions:  

Thief 2 Mission - house front

New Thief 2 Mission

New Thief 2 Mission NOW AVAILABLE! Click here. Hey, I’ve not done a weekly update in a while! Is it because I’ve been distracted making a brand new Thief 2 level? Just possibly… It’s a good old-fashioned mansion mission, with dark secrets and a horror theme. The basic mansion design is roughly based on the villa…