Wheelbound – New Tilesets

I’ve got a couple of new tilesets done over the last few weeks. There’s a snowy, icy set for mountainous areas, and a set of mossy brickwork intended to have a Hanging Gardens of Babylon look.



The skies aren’t final in these shots – there’ll most likely be clouds, snow etc. once I’m done.

I’ve also done a few new animations, including some jungle vines that can be burned away once the player has the plasma cutter upgrade, and a vicious new beastie, the Threadcrab, that hides at the top of a thread like a spider on a web, waiting until it is disturbed before lunging down to chomp on the player. Check this out:


Alright, don’t look too closely, there’s a few glitchy frames to smooth out, but the important thing is that the headless corpse and the popped eyeballs have their own physics models so they bounce sickeningly across the landscape.

One more for you – here’s a derelict crashed spaceship you will be able to explore. If I can get it working, parts of it will be submerged underwater, necessitating the rebreather our hero is wearing in this shot:


I still have plenty of levels to construct, along with¬†more puzzles, dangers and gameplay elements implemented to fill them. However, it’s coming along nicely so far.


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