Junkyard Boss Escape

I have been doing a lot of work on Wheelbound this week, but not much screenshot-worthy! I have got the second boss of the game in and functioning, but he still needs a lot more in the graphics department. The idea is that part of the junkyard will come to life as a gigantic scrap monster and come charging after you. I’ve been making it out of separate components that have their own independent movement. I’m hoping that by the time I’m done, this shapeless lumbering heap of scrap will just be bearing down on you like some kind of terrifying Katamari. At the moment it’s just a few base pieces and some spinning arms:

Junkyard Boss Work In Progress

Junkyard Boss Work In Progress

The idea is that you won’t be able to fight this boss, only roll away as fast as your wheelchair will carry you through a variety of obstacles and movement challenges, until you can get away from it permanently.

I also made sure that the music/ambient changes when you activate the boss. As with all of Wheelbound’s music, it’s the sort of music that is barely music – mostly edited-together ambient sounds. This one is lots of unpleasant metal sounds and grinding guitar stings with a synth beat underneath, plus lots of reverb and distortion:

The next big task after this will probably be to make an ice/snow tileset, as I have a lot of gameplay ideas for that sort of environment. No ETA on that though, a full tileset takes a lot of time!

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