It’s aliiive!

So after a very long hiatus, I am now working on Wheelbound once more. Starting projects is easy. Seeing them through to completion is not! I more or less abandoned Wheelbound due to getting fatigued with the concept, and massively under-estimating the volume of work required.

But there’s just too much good stuff to let it languish on my hard drive unfinished forever, so I’m scaling it down a bit, cutting some of the more elaborate ideas for later levels, generally reeling my expectations in a lot. Will this have the desired effect? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’ve picked up where I left off, getting some desert/junkyard levels put together.

Our hero, furiously blinking in the swirling sand.

Our hero, furiously blinking in the swirling sand.

These now have random sandstorms whipping past, and our poor Wheelchair-bound hero has a new animation where he blinks constantly (at least until he finds the upgrade to his suit with the snazzy shades!).

I’ve also got metal cutting in – metal barriers that you will have to cut with the blowtorch upgrade.

Cutting Torch - exactly like Alien: Isolation...

Exactly like Alien: Isolation…

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