New Thief 2 Mission

New Thief 2 Mission

NOW AVAILABLE! Click here.

Hey, I’ve not done a weekly update in a while! Is it because I’ve been distracted making a brand new Thief 2 level? Just possibly…

Thief 2 Mission - house front

The front of the house.

It’s a good old-fashioned mansion mission, with dark secrets and a horror theme. The basic mansion design is roughly based on the villa from Assassin’s Creed 2.

Thief 2 mission - fireplace.

A cosy fireplace.

There’ll be lots of elegantly decorated rooms filled with treasure to steal.

Thief 2 mission - the extensive grounds.

The extensive grounds.

The higher poly count has allowed me to include a large garden with various different areas to explore.

Thief 2 mission - Guards patrol the halls

Guards patrol the halls.

There are higher res textures and lots of custom objects to make it look a lot better than the visuals of the original game.

Thief 2 mission - a mysterious crypt.

A mysterious crypt…

A haunted crypt is just one of many extra areas you’ll discover through the course of the story.

Blender Modelling

I’ve been trying to take advantage of the higher resolution textures, increased poly limit and graphical improvements made possible by the New Dark unofficial patch for Thief 2, and so I’ve been making a lot of models in Blender:

A new bookcase for Thief 2 made in Blender

A new bookcase made in Blender

A new lantern for Thief 2 made in Blender.

A new lantern made in Blender.

8 thoughts on “New Thief 2 Mission

  1. Not sure on a release date but it’s coming along pretty quick. Certainly before the end of the year, more likely autumn some time barring unforeseen setbacks. 🙂

  2. Hey, just downloaded this FM as a part of my Dromed learning process:P
    Also thanks a lot for the huge dromed introduction tutorial which you posted here – that was incredibly helpful!

    But I’ve had some troubles with importing custom meshes to Dromed, would you mind if we could get in touch and I could bother you with few questions?
    I’ve registered recently on ttlg forum, but for some reason my registration is still not complete, so i can’t post a question there, that’s why I decided to try my chances with you…


    • Sure – once you have the right tools, getting a custom mesh into Thief isn’t too tricky.
      * The model has to be in a .bin format.
      * Bin files go in yourmissiondirectory/obj/
      * Textures have to be Power of 2. Best file format with New Dark is DDS, but tga, png, bmp, gif, pcx etc. are also supported.
      * Texture files goes in yourmissiondirectory/obj/txt16/
      * If you have the model in a 3D modelling program, you can turn it into a bin in a couple of ways that I know of. For Blender, there’s a plugin to allow Dark Engine exporting – see Nemyax’s comment above for a link. You can also export the file as a 3DS file and use 3DStoBin that comes in the Tools folder when installing the unofficial patch.
      * In Dromed, on your Object Properties, set Shape>Model Name to the filename of the bin file (extension not required). If all the files are correct and in the right place, the model should instantly appear.

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